Lowering Pursuit Induced Adrenaline Overloads

Sgt. Humes considers this to be the most important training concept he has ever developed, and the most important article he has ever written.

The first publication of this training concept was in the June, 2001 issue of POLICE Magazine, in an article entitled LOWERING PURSUIT STRESS.

After the concept's acceptance and endorsement by leading law enforcement trainers which included: Travis Yates, Dave Grossman, and Alexis Artwohl; it was revisited in an updated article entitled ADRENALINE DUMP: LOWERING PURSUIT INDUCED ADRENALINE OVERLOADS. Click here to read this version on LawOfficer.Com

Since then, the training concept has been accepted and adopted by many progressive police departments, and the article has been reprinted in numerous magazines and websites, including this version from the French magazine, PRO SECURITE.

November, 2014. An abridged version of the training concept was published by PoliceOne.com. It continues to improve driving performance under stress.
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